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Sunday, November 21, 2004

If I don't tell someone my head will explode, or at the very least fall off

So I walked in tonight carrying a million things.

I should warn you right now that I have this thing about carrying everything from the car in one load, even if I'm moving everything I own (everything I own, except the furniture, fits in 20-ish large tupperware), even if what I own includes an elephant, three cases of soup, and a medium sized rock.

Ahem. So I set down the plant I was carrying in order to proceed with the finding of the keys and the putting of said keys into the lock. I set down all the other crap I was carrying inside, then went back out for the plant. I walked in the door, and just as I was heading for the plant stand, which was approximately 2 feet away, thinking happily to myself that I hadn't dropped the plant yet, what should happen?


Vacuuming at 9:30 at night just isn't cool. I'm sure the neighbours hate me.


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