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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

In the headlines

From this article:

Saskatchewan patients are waiting longer than anywhere else in Canada for medical and surgical treatment, according to the Fraser Institute's 14th annual survey.

Of course we wait longer for health services than other provinces. We have free health care, and more than half the population of Saskatchewan doesn't pay taxes because they're native. It amazes me that when studies periodically make idiotic statements like this. It takes a study to see this? We can't afford the treatment facilities, the equipment, or the surgeons needed with so little incoming tax money to defer the costs.

I think the wait lists are reasonable, and I've been on them three times for surgery already. For major surgery and procedures, if they're not emergencies, you wait about 2 years. If you have problems with this, remember that health care here is FREE. Would you like some cheese with that? Other provinces may not have the wait times, but you would also be paying an arm and a leg for said services.


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