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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Who's the sucker now?

My little brother had picked up tickets for Avril Lavigne in the hopes of making some money off them. He's done this kind of thing before and hasn't made any money yet, since he ends up selling them at cost to friends. Since he's looking to get rid of them, I figured I'd take one off his hands. Angry girl rock is always amusing. Especially 16-year old angry girl rock. Yes little girl, I'm sure you know enough about life to be writing and singing about it. Oh the angst! The suffering! The exquisite love! Uh huh.

A very amusing sequel to this? My parents might take the other ones he's got. This isn't really my parents' genre. They're more into oldies/country/folk stuff. So that's an added bonus of going, if they do decide to go. I'm cool, rocking with my parents.

Uh huh. Sure little girl.


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