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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I think today shall be about the ranting

The choir that upsets me on so many levels has struck again. For the christmas concert, each choir member has 4 tickets that we have to sell or BUY OURSELVES. The reasoning for this was that it's our only fundraising and it enables them to buy more music. If you don't want people to die by my strangulating hands, don't make stupid rules. If you're going to charge a music fee, call it a bloody music fee, and make us pay up front. I don't like hidden costs. If I had known that the choir would cost $180 instead of $140, I wouldn't have joined. And also, if I'd known it was terrible, I wouldn't have joined. But the money thing would have saved both of us the trouble.

I hate passing well-dressed women in the hallways at work. I'm cheap and hate shopping, and I'm all over the not having to dress up thing. But every time I walk by put-together manager-esque women, I feel dowdy and uncouth. Stupid guilt. I wonder if any studies have been done on whether guilt is experienced by women more than men. I'd be willing to bet that women win on this one.

The bus was almost half an hour late tonight. I was so cold. I would have been warmer, but one of the people waiting in the store entrance by the bus stop started having a seizure, so I went outside to get out of the way of the ambulance attendants. And then I had to move into the wind to avoid the smoke being blown in my face. Smoking anywhere in public should be illegal. I have no sympathy for people who argue that smokers have rights too. Their rights infringe on mine. Smokers should have to pay higher taxes to cover the extra health care costs they incur. There needs to be a tobacco breathalizer as part of the income tax system. And while they're at it, they can chip in for my allergy pills.


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