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Friday, November 24, 2006

ISPs and cybertip

So I was reading yesterday that Canada's ISPs are teaming up to help cybertip, an organization that works against child sexual expoitation on the internet. The ISPs are going to install filters to ward against people "accidentally" viewing child sexual exploitation over the internet. And I wondered, who accidentally looks at child porn? And is it really the accidental viewers that are the problem? How does blocking accidental viewing count as a solution? It doesn't do much to alleviate the actual porn. If you're serious about watching child porn, a filter for accidental stoppage probably won't keep you from your goal. It makes me angry. This is not a solution, it's a very minor stop-gap that's being put in place so we can continue to pull the wool over our own eyes. Yes, we're "doing something", sure we are. Reminds me of the government's environmental policies, and will do about as much good.


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