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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Story time (AKA gods I'm talking a lot today) and stuff

I just remembered a terrible waiter story from a couple months back. I went for supper with a friend and our waiter was being trained. Gods was he awful. He moseyed around as if the place was empty (which it emphatically was not), he had minimal conversation skills which he kept trying to stupidly employ, and he forgot things and was a general idiot. The crowning glory was that, whenever he came up to the table to ask something, he'd just stand there till we acknowledged him. So several of the times, being in the middle of conversation, we ignored him. And so he stood there for a few minutes. Very uncouth. I doubt he lasted long. At least I hope he didn't.

Holy crock of shit batman. I'm not very impressed with our government lately. Specifically, this government that's all about change for the sake of change. They're starting to look a lot like the American government, giving in to the demands of large corporations for the sake of pocketing more cash. I really wish there was a way for individuals to change what happens in government in a bigger way. We need more independent political reviewing, and definitely more education. Let them know that Canada's population is smarter than that.


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