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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More rambling

So today I admitted to my cube neighbour that I'm not continuing this job because I'm moving to Lloyd. I'm glad my brain randomly chose that explanation instead of the many versions of "I'm becoming a bum" that I could have postulated. It seems to be a lot more socially acceptable than giving in to the laziness. And it's true, as far as it goes. I'm just not doing that immediately. It's a good thing politeness keeps people from questioning me closely. I'd be even more embarassed.

I wish that commercial chicken soup didn't taste so much like chicken fat. I also wish I didn't know the difference.

Ha! My Mimi Smartypants archive perusal brought up this thing about not being able to give raises. It's funny because at the previous job, where I no longer work thank the gods and where they haven't had raises since I got favoured for one and everyone else passed over, they now give out work bucks. These bucks can be used to bid at the monthly auction for things like: donated vendor items, free work store candy, dinner with the CEO. I like the last one best. Nobody else does though.


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