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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Don't you hate rants?

This is ridiculous. How does this make the situation fair? So the phone company has to charge exorbitant prices while the competitor charges next to nothing? And this is going to create a competitive market? I doubt it. It'll make the phone companies in Canada go out of business, which means tons of Canadians lose their jobs, while international competitors take that income elsewhere. Of course, it may be Canadian companies that take some of the business, but that seems rather unlikely. Granted the local phone company may have an unfair advantage here in SK, since they own the network in most of the province, but they've also invested a lot of money into setting that network up. And that network, payed for by SK residents, will go down the drain if people go to VoIP. It may not have been taxpayer dollars, but it's close enough. In my opinion, if regular phone prices get regulated, all phone prices should be regulated to the same. Although I guess as long as the access company can set their own pricing for internet, this system should be okay. In theory.


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