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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The new improved top 40 by 40

Not that I plan on having 40 in this list either. In fact, I'm sure this one will be much shorter. And hopefully less embarassing to my future self.

- buy a pottery wheel and kiln, and use them
- become a mechanic
- compose a piece of music, or several
- write some decent literature (preferably better than this blog)
- travel in Europe
- make several more quilts (see, I did that one already)
- get back in shape (and be thin and beautiful, or something. Probably something)
- learn some languages - at least 1
- get my ARCT in voice
- take drawing/painting classes
- go on a cruise
- go to Egypt
- volunteer
- read a lot more classic books and listen to a lot more classical music, culture myself up a bit
- become a nicer person
- stay with my honey till approximately forever, and be worthy of him

Okay, this is starting to run like a list of New Years' Resolutions. It's not. Really. I have to admit, I still kind of want to skate in West Edmonton Mall, but it would be more of a bonus than a dream. Most of this stuff I'm pretty lax about, I'm not nearly as ambitious as I was at the start of university. Too jaded. And lazy.


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