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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Since I'm going through things

Today I went through a whole bunch of stuff that I've been storing, for possibly eons, here at the farm. And a lot of it I've been storing for no good reason, it seems. There's a large pile of stuff I'm giving away. Some of it I really like, but do I need it? No. And if I'm never planning on using it, or if the time when I would need it may be years away, why keep it? I can probably look for another one at that time.

Anywho, as I was digging through, I came across the top 40 by 40 list I wrote in 1st year university. After reading them over, I have to admit that there are a lot of things on there that I no longer have any interest in doing. Maybe I should re-write my list - a post idea for another time. Here is the original, in no particular order (I didn't count, but there probably aren't 40):
- study music in Europe
- take drawing/painting classes
- play hockey
- learn tennis
- live in a castle
- marry an older man with children and raise them
- write a novel
- own a horse - a good horse
- work in England
- learn Welsh
- learn French (live in Quebec)
- be CEO of a large computer corporation
- get married in my parents' yard
- live in New York
- travel - Brazil, Africa, South America, New Zealand/Australia
- marry money
- buy an acreage - small barn, etc.
- live in Victoria, BC or on Salt Spring Island
- own a fast expensive car
- design a technological innovation
- have grandchildren
- go on a cruise
- go to Egypt - see the pyramids, markets - on my own, my whims
- compose a good song/piece
- make a quilt (patchwork)
- act in a movie
- be thin and beautiful
- skate in West Edmonton Mall
- make a beautiful, well-made piece of furniture
- carve something
- art something beautiful


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