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Monday, December 10, 2007

Ho ho ho

I finally made the skirt for my little munchkin Christmas tree. It's only 3 feet tall, so the skirt isn't all that big. It's red gauze with shiny gold stars over white. I forgot to take a picture, and now it's covered with presents. It took me 3 trips to get them all out there. After I had put them all around the tree, Jay said, "Presents don't go out till Christmas Eve." So he can put them back.

My sewing machine takes more getting used to than I'd anticipated. I used the embroidery attachment yesterday to put the Riders logo on a t-shirt for Jay. Unfortunately, I turned the machine off after doing the first colour, so had to take the hoop off in order to turn the machine back on. Stupid way to design software. So I had to re-tighten the fabric on the hoop, which moved the relative position of the fabric, which in turn skewed the overall design. Added to that, I had re-sized the design initially, and the software didn't like that. Evidently it doesn't like changes. But Jay says the shirt is wearable, and learning from my mistakes and such. I want to make a shirt for me next. I'll post pictures once I do.


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