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Monday, April 25, 2005

For the sake of posterity

I don't think I told you about the time on Friday when I had a flat tire. Once upon Friday, a long time ago (or possibly just a few days ago), I was returning at 6:30am from sleeping over at W's, and I turned onto Lewvan. I drove for a few seconds and could hear a nasty dragging noise coming from my car. I debated pulling over right there, but traffic was pretty busy. So I turned off at the next intersection and hopped out to have a look. And lo and behold, there was one of my rear tires completely flat.

I assumed I'd ruined the tire and rim by driving on them, so drove a bit farther to get to a large empty parking lot where I could do some damage control. For Christmas I got a handy tire fixin' kit, so I pulled that out and proceeded to use it and then pump up the tire. Which was a complete waste of time, as it turned out, because there were at least 3 big holes in the unhappy tire. It deflated again within 30 seconds.

I've never actually changed a tire before. I know in theory how it's supposed to work, but I also know communism works on the same principle. So I pulled out the owner's manual. Which was useless. How To Change A Tire: take out the spare and change it, using the jack - check your owner's manual for more details. Thanks guys, that was a ton of help.

But they did have a diagram on where to put the jack, which was all I needed. Lucky for me the nuts came off okay. Mmm, nuts. I put on the donut and noticed that the manual said the pressure in the donut is supposed to be 60psi. So about twice a regular tire, I thought. However, checking it gave me a pressure of 10. It looked okay, so I gave up. I'm just a girl! (dumb blond shrug with giggle)

Who had to buy new tires. Never go to Canadian Tire. They charge an arm and a leg to install and balance and magically spin round the tires. Oh, did I mention they don't explain what they're charging for, just "And we'll need you to hack off your right arm and leg with this rusty dagger. No, not the left, we don't take un-quality limbs." Look, I just want the tires. My dad has a tire changing machine, so I can get him to put them on. Sorry, it's mandatory to have them balanced and spun, we can't do anything about it. You'll die if they're not put on instantly. That's the way these things work.

Oh, and when I got back and actually looked at the tire, it was fine inside, no chewing or anything. So I could maybe have gotten away with patching it. Sigh.


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