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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well then

Whoops, forgot about this. It all happened last week:

It's been quite the last couple days.

Yesterday Jay and I went to Edmonton to do some shopping. We puttered around the South Common area. I found stained glass paint to go with the kit I found on clearance ($3 for the kit! $17 for the paint, but hopefully it will do more than one kit). I also got a set of rims for my winter tires at a wreckers. I fell in a puddle at the wreckers. Good thing it was the end of the day and I didn't get hurt. And also that I have no dignity.

We both bought some clothes - why are women's clothes so expensive and so stupidly shaped? Styles go in and out so quickly, and I don't like most of them anyways because they're impractical or ugly. Admittedly, I'm rather fussy, but in a functional sort of way.

We also bought a gorgeous table and chair set. I love them. We went into a tent sale where they were selling off battered goods. The set is made in Canada, you order the colour, style of chair, and seat covering. The salesperson said it probably came in the wrong colour. The table has a whole bunch of dents and a few scrapes, so we got it for $200. The chairs were a bit steeper, as they were in pretty decent shape, but still a steal (original price $630 per chair, we got them for $150 each). It looks like this:

Then Jay got a call from a financial planner at one of his banks. They're offering a very low interest rate on consolidating his mortgage and loans, so we could have everything paid off in less than 10 years. Very exciting. It's kind of like winning the lottery, except better.

Today we got the tires put onto the rims, then Jay and I got our bicycles ready to go. We biked to the house of a friend and back, and it felt good. I'm excited to have used my bike again, and I want to go biking every day if I can.

I've also been slowly stripping the wallpaper in the hallway for the last couple days. There's sickly hospital green underneath. We're replacing it with a medium-ish chocolate brown.

Tomorrow we're going camping for the weekend with some friends. They have a boat, so we got some cheap fishing rods, tackle, and licenses today. I'm excited, I haven't been fishing in a few years, and I love it. Jay even found my favorite 2-tailed yellow jellies, so I'm all set.