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Saturday, September 07, 2013

The landscaping, it is done

Well, more or less.  The landscapers have finished - the trees, shrubs, sod and sprinklers are in.  I'm still putting in and rearranging the perennials (fussy old lady here doesn't like what the landscapers chose), and we still have to put rails and stairs on the deck.  But it's getting there, the end is in sight.

Along the way, we became the crazy neighbours who vacuumed the yard:
It was easier to dig the footing holes for the deck by drilling and then using the shop vac to remove all the dirt.  The crazy is just an added bonus!

Then we added in the patio, which we completely forgot to take pictures of at the time.  Or any time since, until the sod was already in.  Whoops.  But it now looks like this, from on top of the deck:
That's the wall on the close side of it, and it's wet due to the sprinklers running.  You can't see, but it's a stamped concrete patio.  We've decided since that we're never doing that again ourselves, we'll get someone to do it for us next time.  It turned out pretty good, but Jay's back has been extremely sore since.

Now it (more or less) looks like this:
I've already changed a couple of the plants in the front bed, and actually planted most of the ones in front of the house.  And added some rocks.  Really, what I'm hearing here is that I need to take more pictures.  But you get the general idea.  Now all we have to do is wait a couple weeks so we can actually walk on the grass.