Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Probably because my heart is frozen

Finally saw the movie Frozen.  Decidedly underwhelmed, especially after all of the hype surrounding it when it first came out.  I had seen a bunch of talk about strong female heroine blah blah blah, but it was just another fluffy princess can barely survive without a man and true love story.  Don't get me wrong, I like a good love story with suspenseful deadlines etc as much as the next person; The Princess Bride is one of my all time favorite movies, and princesses don't get much more useless than Buttercup.  I guess the problem here is not so much the movie as the reviews I read of it, they led me to expect so much more than was there.  Oh well, maybe next time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

On having a kid, part 1

So for years before we had a kid, we had said we didn't want kids.  Kids are loud and annoying, they steal all of your time and energy and money, and the worst part is you can't just hand them back to their rightful owners and walk away.  Let's never have kids.

And then we decided to have kid(s).  And it was sort of easier and harder to do that than I thought.  I got pregnant at least 3 times that first year and then lost them within the first couple weeks, twice due to self-inflicted lack of carefulness and once due to nature.  It was easy because I was getting pregnant, but hard because it kept ending which is depressing plus when you're trying to get pregnant you already have to be careful and miss out on some things.

So I assumed it would continue to be easy to get pregnant.  But then in the second year of trying I was bleeding super lots (like getting my period every 2 weeks) and not getting pregnant.  And when I mentioned the extra bleeding to my doctor, at the same time as mentioning that I thought I'd been slightly pregnant several times the previous year, she got a look on her face like she didn't believe me and then asked no follow-up questions.  I figured if she wasn't concerned about the bleeding then I didn't need to be either.

Turns out I should have been concerned.  Because I somehow ended up getting pregnant later that year, and when I told the obstetrician about the bleeding she said I should get it checked out, after everything was back to normal.