Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Monday, October 25, 2004


I understand that when things don't work people need to vent. But do they really have to yell at me for something that isn't even remotely my fault? Do they seriously believe that I, personally, sent them the product on the outside chance that it would have problems 6 months down the road, just to piss them off and make them lose business? I may be spiteful, but there is a limit to my ambition. I don't have the foresight needed to brush my teeth some mornings, let alone plan 6 months in advance to piss off some person who hasn't done anything to me. Not that I don't want to, mind you. At least she'll be expecting it when her milk goes sour in another 6 months. Oh, did I say that out loud?

Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's candy time!

H bought some Halloween candy "for the trick-or-treaters."

She's evil.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

In the headlines

From this article:

Saskatchewan patients are waiting longer than anywhere else in Canada for medical and surgical treatment, according to the Fraser Institute's 14th annual survey.

Of course we wait longer for health services than other provinces. We have free health care, and more than half the population of Saskatchewan doesn't pay taxes because they're native. It amazes me that when studies periodically make idiotic statements like this. It takes a study to see this? We can't afford the treatment facilities, the equipment, or the surgeons needed with so little incoming tax money to defer the costs.

I think the wait lists are reasonable, and I've been on them three times for surgery already. For major surgery and procedures, if they're not emergencies, you wait about 2 years. If you have problems with this, remember that health care here is FREE. Would you like some cheese with that? Other provinces may not have the wait times, but you would also be paying an arm and a leg for said services.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I got a million dollar appliance yesterday to stop from grinding my teeth down to nothing. I had the same thing in high school, it was form-fitted to my teeth. I hadn't worn it for a couple months and my teeth moved, so I could no longer wear it without extreme mouth pain, and after a while I couldn't wear it at all. I didn't want the same thing again, and told my dentist so. My brother-in-law has the same thing from another dentist that is soft and will fit even if your teeth move. I had mentioned this to my dentist, and was told to get the dentist's name so that they could talk to him and find out more about this revolutionary new method. I did so, and heard nothing back.

So, my new appliance is form-fitted and very thin. The reason I got the damn thing is because my teeth are ground down, and I don't want to end up with half my teeth being half as tall as the rest, like my mom's. He said we'll monitor, and "if" I'm still grinding my teeth then they may have to make something else. Money grubbing ass. I'm switching dentists. I don't mind so much having to pay for it, but when he didn't listen to me at all, didn't look into the option I gave, and then gave me something that I expressly didn't want, it really pissed me off. No wonder he doesn't seem to have much business.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Back from vacation (yet again)

I'm back from Ottawa. It's so pretty there in the fall. I even got a couple purty maple leaves. I wanted more, but there wasn't really any place to put them. Sigh, so much prettiness, so little time.

Had a bunch o' fun though, went downtown and got a couple pictures of the funky fern tree/bush things and the parliament buildings, and wandered through the Byward Market. They have cheap veggies there now. Mmm, taste the cheapness. And trips to MEC and Ikea were had, and good times had by all. I was even able to curb my spending, which is amazing and good. Probably because I now own a lot of kitchen stuff and don't have room for any more furniture, and also don't really need any more comfy/sports clothes or accessories. Not that I wouldn't like them, but I have no money.

I also saw J, who hired me for my last couple of work terms, and had a good visit with him and his family. They were waiting around for his wife to pop, she's due with their third munchkin right now. They have cute little kids, both red-headed.

We caught a football game, the Riders versus the Ottawa Renegades, so we decked out in Rider colours and gear. Not as much as A, who went through engineering with me, and who I hadn't seen in a long time. She and a couple of her friends had shiny Rider jerseys. I like shiny.

W and I also made a big turkey dinner. I don't know how my mom does it, I got everything cooked, but it didn't all come out at the same time. So there was some microwaving of food at the time of eating. And lots of leftovers. It's a good thing W eats more than I do. Even so, he'll probably be eating turkey for the rest of the week. Turkey boy.

Alright, nuff for now.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Howling at the moon

My singing ambition got a bit of an uplift. My voice teacher said that he thinks I sing basically correctly, that now I need to get more energy into my singing. So hopefully I'll be more inclined to practice now, because I think that was what was bothering me - I had the feeling there was way too much to work on, that I was doing everything wrong. Not that P ever intimated that, but I tend to expect the worst. Maybe now I'll be able to get past the mental block that has been stopping me from hitting the high notes when anyone is listening. Stupid self-conscious brain. Giving self mental kick.

On vacation yet again

Another in my series of vacations this year. I'm in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. I really like Ottawa as a city. It's diverse, there's a large population of students with two universities existing here, and it's gorgeous. Especially in the fall. I'm hoping to be able to get over to Gatineau Park across the river as W hasn't seen it, but without a car we might not have that luxury.

W wants to have a big Thanksgiving dinner, I'm assuming he'll ask over some of the people he knows or has met here. I know there are a couple U of R students here too, they'll probably be included in the general mishmash, knowing W. He wants the whole shi-bang, with a turkey and the works, potatoes, cabbage rolls, perogies, and a couple roast children to round things out. Mmm, real food...

Ostensibly I'm also here to apply for jobs. The thing is though, most companies will take resumes online, is it really worth copying a bunch of resumes and going door-to-door? Hey, if it was at the end of this month I could ask for candy too. Do people who walk around and do it get better results? I might wander around a bit, but I came woefully unprepared to do that, as I only brought a few resumes. Sad little resumes too, when it comes down to it. I think I need to revamp it yet again. Sigh.

Saturday, October 02, 2004


I've been being a bum lately. And by lately I mean ever since I convocated from university. This is not including the short period when I was working two jobs and didn't have the time or energy to eat more than one meal per day, let alone do anything that actually took effort like maintaining a social life or lifting my arms above my head.

I've also not been practicing my singing as much as I should lately. Even the expense thing isn't registering much at the moment. The situation is rather odd, because I really do enjoy singing. Mostly in the shower at the top of my lungs, but also in the living room at the top of my lungs. And in the car along with the radio. At the top of my lungs. You see the theme here.

I really need a new job. I was all excited, a couple of us were asked if we were interested in a job that was being offered internally. Both of us professed interest and e-mailed him. And both of us were completely ignored. Which pissed me off. Is it really so hard to reply and say something to the effect of someone else is being considered, or we've decided to offer the job externally, or sharks ate my leg?