Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Aaaaand we're done

Well, so far. We finished the renos, the house sold, and the move has happened. We're now rockin' the Bakken in Williston. We're living in company-provided housing, and our stuff is living in a sea can.

The sea can is pretty packed. It's rather inconvenient, especially when I want to cook things or bake things, but have no access to the pots and pans that are taunting me. It's amazing how many things I get the urge to do when I can't. Stupid contrariness.

The company provided housing is a trailer - a living/kitchen/dining area, a bedroom, and two bathrooms. There's a second bedroom, but it's mostly holding the double beds that we don't want the cats to destroy. The kitties are much more constricted here but are quite happy. I think they have more fresh air now, since the satellite cables are running through the slightly-open windows. It's all good.

My lab at work is also in a trailer. I win! I'm now double trailer trash. I'm having a good, yet frustrating, time setting everything up at work. Good because I can organize things how I want them (yay OCD!), and frustrating because I'm waiting on tools and equipment that may or may not have been ordered yet. That's the anti-bonus of having to rely on someone else to remember all the things that need to be done. I was hoping someone had previously documented setting up a lab from scratch, since it seems like that happens a lot with this company. But no, that would be convenient.

I'm not bitter.

Oh well, maybe I can set a precedent. Pat myself on the back and feel superior. Some good might as well come from this. :)

In other news, we had a fairly decent time during the holidays, at the farm and in Minot afterwards. Lots of stuff on sale, so my honey got some sweaters and I got in my yearly allotment of clothes shopping and got some new shirts. Plus we each got a bathing suit, since ours are hibernating somewhere in the sea can. Jay's trunks: $1.04, my suit: $80. Both were on sale. Boo to societal pressure on women, and also to me for caving to it. Le sigh.

I really needed to supplement my wardrobe of mostly painty/stained t-shirts, though. I somehow neglected to keep any dressy (read: not t-shirts/jeans) clothes out when packing the sea can, so all I had were grubby work clothes. Jay's shopping trip was good for me - whenever he updates his t-shirts, I get all the ones that don't fit or don't get worn much. It's like shopping, but without the annoyance of actually shopping! Everyone wins! Mostly my laziness.