Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


This morning I got the urge to make something. So I made this:

It's the smallest bib ever. The website I got the pattern from said something about infant bib, evidently I didn't read that part very carefully. Oh well, it's still cute.

Updated: It looks a lot better in real life, the image editors I use don't de-biggen pictures very well. Smallen. De-size. You know what I mean.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I finally got to Saskatoon to the pottery place there. Unfortunately, they didn't have low fire clay, so I bought some mid-fire. I had been looking at it tentatively anyways, although I wasn't planning on buying some for a while. Some of the clay I got is pale cream with a slight speckle, so I'm excited to try that.

On the oops side, I finished trimming a rather lumpy-rimmed bowl and then put my finger through the bottom. It was a little delicate. I'm just glad I got to practice trimming before that happened. While doing that, I discovered that I love the large loop tool for trimming, the one that looks like this:

Friday, January 02, 2009

Bad things come in threes

We've had a minor run of bad luck. Yesterday our fridge quit running (then we better go catch it!) and the bread maker won't heat any more. Good thing we have a backup fridge in the basement. And the bread did rise with some help from a warm oven.

But the biggest tragedy: I just discovered that I do not own a single song by Faure. I must remedy this immediately.

Pottery news

My parents gave me a most exciting gift for Christmas. I have a lovely "new" kiln and a new wheel. (THANKS MOM AND DAD!) I've only used the wheel twice since I got it, partly due to the busy time we've had, partly to the weather, and partly to my excessive laziness when confronted with a bunch of free time. It's also a pain using as little water as possible and having to worry about things freezing. Plus we don't have plumbing out in the garage, which would speed up the process. Oh well, some day.

I don't think I ever posted pictures of what I made in my pottery class. They've been stained but not glazed, as the community centre was firing at a much higher cone than my low-fire clay could go to. Here:

Tis the season

Eesh, holiday stuff was busy and confusing around here.

We went to the farm first. On the way I visited Heather, which is always good times. Then I was supposed to pick up Megan, but her plane kept getting delayed. She ended up being over 12 hours late. Mmm, airport sleep on hard uncomfortable chairs while keeping a death grip on one's bags. At the farm, shenanigans ensued with all of the nieces and nephews. My newest niece has discovered happy shrieking. Many gifts were opened. Much festive food was eaten.

Then we came home, Jay's parents and siblings were out here for the holidays. The plans kept changing last minute due to the weather and some domestic disturbance. There was a lot of renovation done on Christmas day/Boxing day at Jay's sister's place. I was not amused. And then Jay was borrowed a couple other days to do more. When we have more than enough of our own to do. Ahem. However, we did have a decent time (well, I did). Jay's nephews are sweet little munchkins. Many more gifts and holiday food ensued.

For New Years, we went for supper with some friends. It was a good time, if really long. The restaurant was catering a function that night, so the food took 2 hours and was rather cold by the time it got to us. The steaks were fabulous, everything else was negligible. Oh well. Then we went to Jay's sister's place. Quite a few of their relatives were over plus a bunch of friends, it was alright. Jay and I left after the ringing in of the new year.

Happy New Year, people.