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Saturday, July 28, 2007

And that other thing

And there was this one time, like yesterday, when I was laid off. Well, actually, I found out a week ago, but I was done work yesterday. They sold the hotel, and although they wanted to rehire most people, lots didn't go back, and since I was planning on quitting anyways I jumped on the bandwagon. So now I have a single job that will turn into full time for September and half of October, at which point I will need a new job. Hooray! We all know how much I like looking for jobs. At least now I have some experience here, maybe it will help.


WHY? Why does Blogger insist on pushing whatever new crap they've made? Just let people know the option is there, don't force it on them. This time it was the new template picker that would lose any changes you've made. Oh, and my old template was on the new template list, SO WHAT'S THE POINT?! Bah. Good thing they let me revert, or I would have templated their faces.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oh. And also

I just got back from a trip to the farm, where I was instantly beset by complete and utter laziness. That's why I tried to get together with Gilly before I got there. Unfortunately, he was out at Leanne's parents' place, so I had to make alternative visiting plans. And once I got to the farm, we were attacked by family most of the rest of the week. This threw off my Gilly-visiting plan, and got me started on my lazing-about plan. It's easier to do. And it continued till I left.

I hate getting sucked into Facebook. It makes me forget what I was originally doing, or going to do. Such as: giving an account of myself and the week at the farm. Because I know you're all clamoring to hear.

I played with kids. Gods knows why anyone would let me do that, what with the traumatization and all. I was going to go tenting with Jaden and Courtney, but I procrastinated and then it didn't happen. That'll learn me. Maybe, if I'm lucky. I held my latest nephew, and got spit up on twice. Then I had to do laundry.

I helped Mumsy take lilies to the show in Regina, and she put my name on some of the entries. So I might win things! Like prestige, or funny looks, or something. Probably not much more than that though. Mom said, and I have to agree, that it's a pain and she most likely won't be putting any in again. Partly because it's a pain to try to take a whack of lilies for an hour's car ride without having them look like I sat on them. And partly because I had the brilliant idea of putting about 10 full wine bottles (with lilies in the tops) into a box, taping them in place, and then trying to lift the whole schmozzle into the car. The box broke through, and there was a disaster as a bunch of lilies went smashy smashy. Fortunately, none of the bottles broke. And we had more lilies we could cut. I think I should never be allowed to have brilliant ideas any more. I'm cut off.

On the way back, I stopped at Lisette's place of work, and she streaked my hair. It's awesome. Someday, once I've washed it, I'll have to take a picture to post. I'm now as close to blond as I will ever be. I also had a carpal tunnel test. They hooked me up to some pokey things that sent current through my fingers, and then tested the reaction of my nerves. And let me say that I would never want to have that done again. It felt like when I scratch or otherwise accidentally touch the nerve running up my wrist. Makes me twitch and blink a lot, and want to scrunch up my hand. Relax, my ass. And then I forgot to drop off the stuff I was bringing up for Lisette and Kerry. By the time I remembered, I was at the far side of the city, that it took me half an hour to get to, not even during rush hour. So I gave up. I only have so much super power, and it had run out by then. Sorry kids.

Coconut-clonking noises

This is an awesome story. Rabid stoat!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hi fans! I've been working lately. Not an excuse, just letting you know. Having two jobs means I don't have a lot of time with Jay, so he took the weekend off since I have today off too. We get to spend some time together, this is exciting. So far we slept in. Any ideas about what more we can do today?