Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Best Picture Ever

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm not here to complain, for once

I am instead here to share my joy and excitement. I bought stuff! Cheap stuff, but hey, it's mine now so I'm excited! I bought two pairs of jeans, five t-shirts, a sports-type outfit because I needed ball pants, a tank top, three pairs of shorts, and a rain jacket. Walmart, Zellers and Sears, and mostly on sale, so I got a deal. I have a whole new wardrobe, and it cost me relatively little. I really needed it. What with the recent getting fat (okay, not recent, I've just been in denial, and really tight pants), I didn't have a lot of clothes that fit. And now I don't need to squeeze into things, it's great.

Oh, and today I bought a plant, a Little Gem Norway Spruce. It's little and cute and soft. I made Jay pet it when we stopped in at work one day. I'm putting it in the soon-to-be flower bed at the front of the house. Now all I have to do is make the flower bed. That was going to be tomorrow's job, but then it rained unexpectedly today. I can still do some of what I planned, like measuring and getting peat moss, but the actual work will have to wait. I also want to put in a Sensation lilac, but that has to wait till next year, since work only orders plants once a year. I'm hoping to put in some lilies from Mom this fall, and I'm going to keep my eyes open for a pretty rose. I'm also debating a bleeding heart (on the too big list right now), a seedum of some sort, a hydrangea (there's a smaller bluish one at work), and some creeping thyme. I also want to leave room for some annuals. I should have johnny jump up seeds coming from the ones I bought this year, which makes me happy. They're multi-coloured. I have a couple tulips (I doubt they'll winter, but whatever). And I want sweet peas. And hopefully snapdragons, morning glories, and some of the other seeds I bought this year. So many plans, so little space/time.

My list of things still to do:
- measure flower bed edge and around big spruce so I can buy edgers from work
- buy peat moss
- buy topsoil
- plant my cute little spruce
- buy hydrangea and plant it
- buy crushed rock for around the big spruce out front and along the edge of the driveway
- decide where to put the lilac next year

Jay's buddy and his wife just bought a tent trailer, we were over last night to see it. It's really nice. It's only a couple years old and had hardly been used. Now I want one. Although for most of this summer I'm working too much, we wouldn't make much use if we had one. Oh well. Maybe next year.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Life can be screwed up sometimes

My cleaning partner T found out today that she can't come back to work. Her pancreatitis is chronic, there will be no more remissions, and she's not allowed to do physical labour. Which is sad for me, since we worked so well together, but really sad for her. She's a single mom who had to leave home when she was 14 because her mother was a single mom as well as an alcoholic, and couldn't afford to keep her and her sister. Another of her sisters died of leukemia when she was 11-ish. Her niece has leukemia right now and isn't doing very well. T had her gall bladder removed a few years ago, which caused the pancreatitis. She was already not making enough money to live here in Lloyd due to the amazingly high cost of living, so I'm sure being on medical leave will only make that worse. Oh, and her ex-husband is a weird stalker. I feel really bad for her. My life is looking pretty cushy right now.