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Sunday, September 09, 2012

More pictures

So here's the latest pictures of the house.  It'll be ours in less than a week.  We already picked up the hardwood we're replacing the carpet with, a bamboo that's pretty similar to the stuff we had in our previous house but a bit lighter.  Since it has to acclimatize to the house humidity, we can't put it in right away like we'd hoped (3 days), but we can move a lot of the kitchen and garage stuff while we wait.  So that's probably going to be what we do with our free time over the next couple-few weeks.  Happily, we were able to borrow a covered trailer from the in-laws, so the moving should be less stressful than anticipated. 

Monday, September 03, 2012

Week and a half, people

So the house has been coming along quite quickly.  Here's a not-so-recent picture of the outside:

We were supposed to get it this past Thursday, but it delayed for various reasons for a couple weeks.  The end is in sight!  I'm excited.  The cupboards, lino, and carpet (ick - shag is evidently the new black) went in last week, and the driveway was re-poured too.  Touchups to the drywall and paint will happen this week, as well as the rest of the trim and closet doors, plus finishing the plumbing.  And that's pretty much it, it's looking like a house now.  Crossing my fingers...