Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Best. Voicemail message. Ever.

Today at work I got the best voicemail ever. Once the message kicked in, there was ringing (like when the number you dialed is busy and you set the phone to call you back once they're off), then:
Elderly lady: "Hello?..Hello?....Hello (starting to sound annoyed)... ... Hello... You know, I can't talk to you if you don't speak up... (click)"

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Boo. As Gil posted, I screwed up my right knee yet again while helping finish his house alterations. Actually, the initial screwing up happened last weekend, but today I made it worse. I don't even know what it was that finished it off, but now it's swollen up like a balloon. And I can feel that familiar jelly-like quality when using it. It's not so much the pain I mind, it's the goo inside squishing around when I try to pivot or lean. My overactive imagination has a hey-day with that.

Friday, October 27, 2006

See, I was kind of not procrastinating

Here's a post I was going to put up in the summer. I'm not sure if I did. If so, and it's a repeat, I apologize.

Why is it that I get really creative when I have no time? I haven't been home much lately, and I won't really be for the rest of the week, so now of course I want to make things. I think my pottery class last night is partly responsible. And also that I've decided to start eating properly, so I was cooking at 3 this morning. I brought my crock pot up from the farm so that I have some incentive to make things. I made mushroom pork chop stew early this morning, since I was awake anyways and wanted to have something to eat the next couple days. I'm only a little odd.

Yesterday I got a box of white clay. So I made 3 bowls during pottery class. They're bigger than I've been trying lately so I'm rather impressed with myself. And even though I didn't like any of them when I was working on them, I managed to pretty them up a bit so they're growing on me. Unfortunately, when I was wrapping them to dry slowly, I bumped them. I hope I fixed them okay, but there may be lasting lumpishness. I can probably still glaze them into decency. I hope.

I really want to start working on my quilt. Now that I have some ambition to do things again, I'll have to cut out the pieces that I've been procrastinating on.

I've been thinking lately how strange it would be to not be interested in music. I had a previous roommate who didn't really listen to music. Not that she didn't like it. She'd turn the radio on in the mornings while she was getting ready for work, just as background noise, and she was all happy when she discovered 92.1, the local soft rock/pop station. But she owns maybe 3 CDs, which she almost never listens to. I have trouble understanding that. I always have at least one song running through my head. I sing along to the radio in the car all the time. I'm a radio station whore, my favorite station is the one playing the best music at any given time. When there's no good music on the radio, I make my own. I have music playing constantly at work on my computer. When I did have a computer at home, its main purpose was to play music. And the only reason I turn on my TV now is because it's hooked up to my DVD player which plays my mp3 discs. How can you go through life without a soundtrack?


So you know that procrastinating thing I used to do? Yeah, me too. I'm a lot less busy now, but still can't get around to doing things.

I quit aquacise because I was in pain the entire time. The shin splints, the sore hand, the bad knees, none of it works with exercising in the water. Added to my lack of enthusiasm about water sports, and it just wasn't worth it.

Singing is keeping me busy though, or should be. I like the at-work choir, it's all good people and is a lot of fun. The not-work choir isn't so much. In fact I've started to equate it with hell, or at least purgatory. The choir director doesn't have much musical training, and asks the most awful things of us. I've started skipping. Me, the person who abhors welching on commitments, especially when I've paid for them. The last couple times I've almost been in tears during the practices though. And if I really don't want to be there, the only one who'll probably care much is me. There are more than enough other good sopranos.

Plus the lady who sits beside me smells a lot like awful. I'm not sure how to describe the smell, it's kind of like stale smoke with a bit of an old people overtone. Smells bother me. And both people beside me bop along to the music. Even besides that I don't really like people infringing on my personal bubble, DON'T BOP ALONG TO THE MUSIC. Singing requires good posture, bopping does not help that.

These things wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't not want to be there so much.