Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

And on it goes

Hello people, how are things?  Indeed.  I haven't been too interesting lately.  Or I think of post ideas when it's not convenient at all to write them, and then forget all about them.  Bad habit I have.  Mental note: write more lists.  And then use those lists. 

I went out to the farm last weekend, up in the far away land of Canada.  It's snowier there.  In fact it was blizzarding (is that a word?  Just a Canadian word?) on the way.  I had to use my amazing powers of Not Driving Into The Ditch.  And also my amazing powers of Driving Like Someone's Grandma.  I'm awesome that way, it doesn't even need to be blizzarding out. 

So yeah, I didn't die and it was all good.  Then I visited my sister and her month-old baby.  And completely forgot to take any pictures.  Because I'm awesome that way too.  But again, nobody died.  I also learned how to play Pikachu (the card game), which wasn't terrible but I had no desire to do so at the time.  The things I do to be a good auntie. 

And now I go back to my boring life again.  Work has been longish and workish.  It may become even more workish due to someone in Wyoming transferring to a different location/job, so not exactly looking forward to that.  I really wish I knew more.  Quite often.  Oh well, I guess just keep trying.