Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eye doctorific

I had the bestest eye doctor appointment ever today. I called around and found that everyone is booking into September already, but the lady at this place in the mall asked if I was available in 40 minutes. I was there for a total of 15 minutes, including filling out the new patient form. The optometrist was quick, competent, and since the office wasn't an eyewear seller there was no pressure to buy. Seriously awesome. If only all places were like that.

Summer summary

On Sunday, we got back from a week of camping that ended with a wedding. We went to Waskesiu, as it was on the way to La Ronge, where the wedding took place. Waskesiu was nice but very touristy. I like my camping a bit more rugged (well, as rugged as a camper with microwave, TV, and air conditioning can get). And with fewer people. But oh well, you live and learn.

Last month, I was only home for about a week. We went camping near both our parents, out at Echo. That was nice too, and we even got some fishing in. It wasn't nearly long enough either, what with relatives visiting (Jay's nephew and my niece and nephews) and some not very nice weather. But fun.

Best quote goes to Tristan, after a day filled with swimming, boating, BBQing, hanging out in the campsite, and smushing a Reese cup smore all over his face and hands: "I like camping!" I'm assuming he just like smores.

We went to the farm, where I stayed and hung out with the family, including Megan, out from Victoria, and looked up a couple friends. I don't do enough of either one, unfortunately. I need to miraculously win the lottery or something. The miraculous part being that I don't buy tickets. Maybe some day.