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Friday, November 23, 2012

Not dead yet

Um.  Hi.  How awkward.  I post here sometimes, or so I hear. 

We have a house now, and the flooring is in (as in, we took out the carpet and installed bamboo hardwood).  Now all I have to do is get off my butt and redo the filler on the trim.  Mostly everything has been moved from the seacan and unpacked.  Anything not unpacked is entirely my fault, as my honey has done everything that he could. 

In newer news, we got a sleeper sofa from Ashley Furniture.  It's not terrible, but definitely not awesome like our sectional.  It's a warm chocolate brown, kind of a corduroy style microfibre fabric.  The mattress is approximately 3 inches thick and full of springs - a typical couch bed mattress.  It's rather disappointing, but we figure we'll keep it.  Mostly due to laziness - it's easier than taking it back.  Plus the price was okay, and the bed is a queen.  So the plan is to get a thick memory foam to minimize the spring-in-back feeling. 

Here's some pictures, as requested by Mom: