Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Well, I had one hell of a weekend. I had a midterm yesterday, for which I was studying madly (after sleeping through the part of Saturday where I wasn't driving or watching the play my dad was in) all weekend and the past couple days. Added to which I was stressing over my lack of boyfriend, since he actually had a few days of non-class and wasn't around much. I don't think I want to go through last weekend again. Ever. Thank you very much.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


Reading my blog is really depressing. Don't I ever talk about anything good and happy?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Singing the homework blues

I don't understand this class. It's reminding me why I hated university. I went into the wrong field, one I don't really understand very well. And somehow managed to graduate with an average that is acceptable to work on a masters at most universities. Frightening, isn't it?

So I need a math-like program in order to plot some of these assignment questions. My honey, who is also my hero, is getting me matlab. I don't know if it will help though, my math doesn't seem to work out. I'm going to have to get the prof to do some examples for me, because the math makes no sense to me and he hasn't done any examples in class. All he and the other guy do is sum up the text. Which is okay, because it's not very interesting to read about floating point numbers and such. But then I don't learn anything outside of the text, and the text has no examples. None whatsoever. Have you ever heard of an engineering text that has no numbers? Well, neither had I till now. Engineering is not about fluff, so it seems rather odd that someone managed to write an entire book using minimal math.

It makes me rather disgruntled that they're assigning questions out of texts that use lots of math, but don't actually teach any of it in class. It also annoys me that the assignments are so bloody long. Even if I knew what I was doing, there's an assload of math to be done by hand. What makes me the most angry is that it's all basic calculus and algebra/trig that I don't remember. I barely remember last week, let alone how to integrate. Sigh.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


People who don't listen to what I have to say really aggravate me. Also people who take credit for things other people have done. When they happen to be the same person, it REALLY FUCKING ANNOYS ME.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Ingredients for a bad day

- having a sinus headache all day from stress and also from crying last night
- an excessively busy day at work.
- standing in line for what seemed hours before giving the university far more of my hard-earned money than I can really afford at this point
- being late back from lunch because of it
- due to taking a bigger backpack that wasn't as well-equipped as the usual one, forgetting to take a writing utensil to class and therefore missing the important points
- forgetting to take a writing utensil to class and therefore not being able to write down the partial answer to the assignment question presented in class
- having to hand in my lame unfinished assignment, after having asked the stupidest question possible, in the stupidest possible way, at the beginning of class
- having to run the slide show and doing it badly
- for the same reason that I forgot to take a writing utensil, forgetting the CD for my little sister
- being tired and grouchy because I'm me
- going to photocopy music after being tired and grouchy and not having had supper
- remembering as I write this that I still have to practice for choir and start my new assignment