Warning: Weirdness and personal details contained within. Mostly weirdness. You've been warned.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Resolving to, and also several many quotation marks

We got back a couple days ago from various holiday travels. Actually, I just got back - Jay came back a few days earlier to work, and then picked me up at the airport in Edmonton. It was more expensive but less convenient than taking a second vehicle, but with the recent unhappiness of my car, it worked out okay. Christmas was nice, got to see family and a friend, missed others, it was all good though. Then celebrated New Year's at Jay's sister's (quote from her: "LAME." - not many people showed up as there were other parties going on, but I thought it was fine).

Now I have a whack of work I want to get done before it starts up again, plus my procrastination gene is kicking in so I have a bunch of cleaning/organizing that "urgently" needs doing. And only 1 month left of my job. Hurray! I mean, um, I'll be very sorry to leave, etc., etc.. Whenever people at work ask me why I'm leaving, I generally say something along the lines of, "Not because of you, plus all those things I don't have time to get done," when what I really mean is, "Because of some things you did, as well as all those things I don't have time to get done." I'm an ass sometimes, but usually I manage to keep it in my head. What's the quote, "Thank you God for making it so nobody hears my thoughts"? Or something like.

Anywho, I have some vague New Year's resolutions, thought I'd jot them here:
1 - Eat more healthily. Jay and I (okay, mostly me, but I need his cooperation since I have no will power) want to snack on less junk food. We eat fairly well for meals, but the snacking gets me every time. So far it's going well.
2 - Exercise more. We're going to get a treadmill (crossing fingers that the one we want is in stock). Plus I asked for and got some wrist/ankle weights and bigger dumbbells for Christmas.
3 - Work on being more organized. This is just for me, I've been feeling particularly cluttered lately.
4 - Make time for my hobbies. I haven't been doing this lately and the Making Stuff Urge frequently wants to take over. Build things... BUILD THINGS...

That's probably enough for now, along with all the usual ones. Wish me luck.