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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just things

I forgot to blog about the other day, when we almost lost the cat. I blame it all on the Girl Guides and their good cause cookies. When they came to the door I went back in to get money, and in the ensuing cookie-money trade Gizmo went out the door. And I shut the door, not realizing what had happened. This is one of the times when I wished we had put a collar and tags on the cats.

She was outside for about 4-5 minutes. For a cat that hasn't been outside in almost a year, that's a long time. I freaked out, went out the back door, called, looked out the front door and didn't see her, went out to the garage and freaked to Jay, then started looking in all the closed rooms and closets inside again. Jay calmly looked out the front door again and found her, she must have been cowering in the flower bed or something. Sigh of relief. The cats are both microchipped, but that won't stop them from getting run over by the major traffic on our street.

In other news, here are some more pictures from Cuba:

Roasting pig - now with more snout nail!

One of the guys on the boat tour swam down to pick up a live shell. Pretty, but not too good for the critter in it.

I think what we've picked up from this is that I get bored easily. All the people on the trip were bird fanatics, so I got annoyed and started taking pictures of flowers.

My goal for the next tropical/watersports vacation is to get a much better underwater camera. I hate coming home, developing them, and finding that they're blurry/dark/terrible.

And for your splashing pleasure...